Why do you need a cat tree?

Because it satisfies your cat's natural desire for height.

Your furry friend can indulge in their instinctual behaviour with a cat tree.

After observing cats for a while, it becomes clear that they enjoy being up high, whether it's on a table, sofa, windowsill, or even on top of a wardrobe.This pattern suggests that cats have a natural affinity for elevatedspaces.

Cats prefer layered space, unlike humans who prefer horizontal space.Being high up gives them a better view and helps them guard their territory.That's why a cat tree can be beneficial.

The different levels of the cat tree also satisfy their desire to explore, while providing shelter and a sense of security.

If you're looking for an excellent option for your cat's needs, Pixie Meow's cat tree house is a great choice!

We have a great selection of cat trees for large cats, medium cats, and mini cats. Our collection includes a variety of shapes, such as flower cat tree, cute cat tree, tall cat tree, and cat christmas tree, as well as outdoor tree.

We are always adding new cat trees to our collection, so be sure to follow Pixie Meow and join us in creating a better world for cats!

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Some questions about the cat trees

Are cat trees safe

The Cat Tree is a great product for cats as it lets them explore their natural instincts while providing a safe haven.

However, it's important to be cautious of unscrupulous merchants who may use low-quality or even toxic materials to offer lower prices. These substances can enter the cat's body through scratching and gnawing, posing serious health risks.

At Pixie Meow Cat Tree, we take pride in using only the best materials to ensure your cat's safety and comfort. We also offer a hassle-free 14-day return policy for refunds, no questions asked.

Are cats happier with a cat trees?

Yes, because by cat DNA, cats like to be up high, they like to scratch and they like to nibble. A cat tree is made for that, and it provides all of that. And a cat tree house is more than capable of giving a cat its own sanctuary and territory. It makes cats feel safer and happier!

Is cat tree worth it?
  • Usually yes. Provided you don't want your furniture to be chewed on and scratched by your furry friend. Or you don't want your cat to break that mug or vase you've been picking out for so long.

    Because the Cat Tree provides all of this, with room for the cat to do as it pleases. Diverting its attention from the thought it put into your mug.

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