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How can you choose the best cat backpack?


Many of us like the idea of traveling around with our beloved pet. However, the reality is that cats can be hard to control. They are unpredictable, and they will get out of the car or do silly things often. That’s why it can be a very good idea to select a reliable, high-quality cat backpack. For example, a cat bubble backpack keeps your pet safe while also making it easy for you to focus on driving or any activity you want.

Why is it a good idea to buy a cat carrier backpack?

A cat backpack is designed to keep your pet safe and free from harm. In addition, it also encourages your cat to stay in place and not move around, causing chaos along the way. Moreover, you know your cat will stay in a single location, which makes driving with a cat in the back a lot easier. Not only that, but a cat bubble backpack allows you to see what the cat is doing at any time!

Things to consider when purchasing a cat backpack


One of the most important things to focus on when purchasing a cat backpack is definitely its price. For starters, you can find backpacks that cost under $25. However, at the upper end of this category can see prices around $150 or $200. That’s why you want to know where you want to use the backpack, how durable you need it to be, etc. Also, considering any possible extra features you need is another factor you should take into consideration.

Cat backpack type

Generally, there are 2 main types of cat backpacks. You can have a cat bubble backpack or a cat carrier backpack. They might sound very similar, however there are quite different from each other.

  • A cat carrier backpack is made out of Oxford fabric. These backpacks are known for having a durable, thick woven blend. Many times, a cat carrier backpack will also have a mesh incorporated. That’s important because it helps your pet to see the outside world as you travel.
  • On the other hand, a cat bubble backpack has a hard shell exterior. Most of the time, that exterior is made out of polycarbonate. That makes the bag look more appealing while still offering plenty of durability and comfort for your pet as well. The bubble part is basically half a sphere that can be used as a window for your pet. In addition, the bubble or hard shell will come with vents to help with air circulation.

Each type of cat backpack has its own pros and cons, but they are an excellent purchase and they can help deliver an exceptional value for money. Both of them can be a solid purchase, yet it always depends on the type of backpack you need and the value you want from it.

What material is it made from?

Whenever you buy a cat backpack, you want to go for a durable, sturdy material. Polycarbonate can be a good option, especially if you want to opt for a bubble backpack. However, fabric-based cat backpacks can be a good idea, too. Just ensure that the fabric is very thick and that it can support the weight of your pet. A reinforced bottom also matters here because it can help keep the cat safe, and it won’t break even under lots of pressure.

Know the weight of your cat

Most cat backpacks are made with a certain weight in mind. Some of the backpacks are designed for lightweight cats; others are more suitable for heavier cats. Once you know your cat’s weight, it becomes a lot easier to choose the right backpack. Don’t rush, and instead, make sure the backpack you want to buy suits your cat’s weight. Maybe you can even get one that supports heavier cats so that you can future-proof things.

Does it have a ventilation system?

You have to realize that you’ll be keeping your cat in the backpack for a long time, maybe a few hours or even more. That’s why your cat backpack needs to have a very good ventilation system. Whether you use a cat bubble backpack or a cat carrier backpack, you always want to ensure they offer great ventilation and airflow.

Thankfully, most cat backpack models these days offer some type of ventilation. Depending on the backpack size and how large your cat is, you may need better, higher-quality ventilation. Some backpacks have a special mesh opening that helps improve the airflow. Cat bubble backpacks also have a few holes either/both at the bottom and around the bubble for adequate airflow. Keep in mind that airflow is vital for your pet, and ensure the backpack you buy has the utmost ventilation.

Backpack size

When it comes to how large the backpack is, that’s up for debate. It always comes down to the size of your cat. If you own a larger cat, then a bigger backpack is necessary. Also, if that’s the case, you need to ensure that the bottom of the backpack is sturdy, reinforced even. That way, you can avoid any problems and concerns while staying safe and not dealing with problems.

Safety features

What kind of safety features are included with the cat backpack? Sometimes, a cat backpack will have many safety features; others have a few. In general, you want to look for sturdy straps and tight stitching if possible. Buckle enclosures are a great idea because some cats can get creative and detach Velcro straps. In addition, checking the temperature inside the backpack can also help!


It’s always a good idea to see what kind of warranty you receive when you buy a cat backpack. Some of these backpacks are provided as-is, without any warranty. Others have a 1-year warranty, sometimes even two years. It never hurts to check what kind of warranty you receive with that type of product. After all, having that extra protection is very helpful, and you never know what might happen to the backpack in a year or two of intense usage.

Is the cat backpack comfortable to carry?

While we need to think about our pet’s comfort, we also need to ensure that we are able to carry the backpack comfortably as well. It’s a very good idea to test the backpack first and see if it’s comfortable for you. Then, you can also test it with the cat inside. The straps should be padded and comfortable, easy to use. In addition, you want to be certain that the backpack’s structure and weight don’t minimize your movement either.


Purchasing a great cat backpack is very helpful if you want to travel with your pet anywhere in the world. Whether you go for a cat bubble backpack or a cat carrier backpack, all of these are a solid option. Make sure that you take your time, assess your needs, and then buy an appropriate backpack that’s great for you and your pet. You want a comfortable backpack, secure and which delivers very good airflow. Follow the guidelines and ideas found within this article, and you won’t have a problem selecting a reliable cat backpack to fit your needs!

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