Our Story:

Welcome to Pixie Meow, we have two lucky cats in our team, and even luckier, because of them, we started Pixie Meow.
We have cats with us during all our working hours, and our atmosphere and environment is full of happiness, they are now not only our friends, but also our family, and we want to give them the best life possible!

Soon we realized a problem, we usually always want to take our cats with us when we go out on trips or travel, but they get scared when we hold them directly or put them in the car. After checking the information and asking other people who have cats: cats in fear or unfamiliar places will like to be in the dark environment, which will make them feel comfortable as well as a sense of security!

We found that there were very few items specifically for cats on their daily travels.

In the wake of this, we launched our cat travel collection: Cat Backpack

Mainly for our travel can let the cat have a safe and comfortable environment, so that it can be more happy!

Our Mission:

I am sure that the person who sees us is a great cat lover, people say that cats are easy.

yes, but its life is short and we will be the closest people to it for the rest of its life.

It is our responsibility to make it more comfortable, to be happy with us every day, and to accompany it to explore the world.

Why Choose Us:

Our products are made of soft and comfortable materials with strong safety features, so that your cats can accompany you on every trip and every day with peace of mind and comfort!

Our well-designed products are lightweight and structurally designed to carry small toys as well as small snacks for cats, so you can interact with your cat at any time!

We understand the needs of cat owners because we are passionate cat lovers ourselves. Because cats are not only our friends, they are our family. Our product is not just a commodity, it is a connection between us, our daily interaction.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions and suggestions about our products or cats, please feel free to contact us and our team, I believe we will also become very good friends.

We are also researching and developing new products for cats, and we will launch more and better products in the near future, so that we and our cats can become good friends and family members, and give our cats a comfortable life.

Remember to contact us if you have any questions, we also look forward to providing you with better support and help.